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Redesigning your website? Here are a few important traps to avoid

Have you looked at your website lately and thought it is looking a bit dated? Have you been thinking about a redesign? Have you taken the time to compare it with your competitors’ websites?  Setting aside time and marketing dollars to redesign your website is not an easy task for most.  Once you have finally made the leap of faith and are ready to begin the overhaul of your website, there are several things that you really need to keep in mind.

  1. Your content has been providing good organic search results for months if not years, so you must make sure you are transferring over any optimization that was done initially.  If your results were mediocre or not great, make sure the keyword and meta data is concise to your target audience. Updating your content to keep it current is always a good idea, but be wary if you are told that a rewrite will boost rankings right away.
  2. Title tags are essential if your website is fully optimized.  However, even if it you did not invest in SEO when the site was initially built out, you really should implement keyword rich title tags throughout your site.  The title tag on each page should include your city, state or region along with the type of case that page is targeting.
  3. CMS platforms (content management system) are becoming more and more sought after because of how easy it is to make simple updates to your website.  However, if you have an established website that receives good organic ranking you need to ensure that you take steps to preserve each page’s URL.  Failure to preserve the exact URL (including the extension) may wipe out years of equity and require you to rebuild credibility with search engines. There are numerous widgets that will preserve each page name (often HTML extensions), so make sure that this is part of your redesign efforts.

MegaHunter has been designing and developing website for attorneys for the last decade and is well versed in the different needs of individual clients. Our template designs start as low as $1,750 (up to 5 pages) and our custom website designs start at $5,000. We are affordable and efficient in the build out process so you spend less time on your website and more time with your clients. If you are interested in learning more about our design options and what pitfalls to avoid during this process, please reply to this email or call us at 1-877-287-6529.

MegaHunter, LLC will be exhibiting next week at the Trial Lawyers Summit in South Beach, FL. (Jan 22-25th).  For those that are attending please stop by to say hello, we are located at Booth #6.

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